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extern int x1f4_text_lxlist
    (void *lxlist, unsigned index, void *context);

The x1f4_text_lxlist function sets the index ranked data type description of the lxlist list library object for the intrinsic string data type operation. context is expected a struct x1f4_trans_type memory allocator definition and will be used for memory related string operations.

See struct x1f4_trans_type.

See Memory Allocator Construct.

See Of The Intrinsic String Type.

It is expected that the index ranked struct x1f4_nodetype_type record in the array of data type descriptions provided when building the lxlist list library object corresponds the intrinsic string type and sets to some sensible values the name, code, flags and size fields (values such as "text", X1f4_E4_TEXT, 0 and 4, correspondingly).

See Symbolic Types.

See struct x1f4_nodetype_type.

The function only sets the data type description attributes corresponding the context, copy, free, move and push fields in the struct x1f4_nodetype_type data type description (the first attribute to the context function argument).

The function returns 0.