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extern void x1f4_detail_format6
    (void *format, unsigned *size, unsigned **list);

The x1f4_detail_format6 function retrieves the list of . (`period') sign introduced cardinals specified for the currently processed formatting directive. It can only be called from a formatting directive method and only if the X1f4_FORMAT_DETAILED bit in the flags argument has been specified.

See Format Specification Syntax.

See struct x1f4_ffield_type.

See Formatting Flags.

format specifies the parsed format specification for which the list should be retrieved.

*size is set to the list length. *list is set to the list of cardinals. The cardinal are recorded in the list in the order in which they were specified in the formatting specification, the first entry in the list corresponding the first specified cardinal, the second entry in the list corresponding the second specified cardinal and so on.