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typedef struct x1f4_stateset_type {
    int (*get) (const void *, const struct x1f4_variable_type *, void **);
    const void *context;
} x1f4_stateset_type;

The struct x1f4_stateset_type record provides the mean to locate the actual address of the data for which the reference variables stand (the reference variables as those marked by the flags field X1f4_E4_REFERENCE bit).

See Reference Variables.

See struct x1f4_variable_type.

See Variables.

See Variable Flags.

The get field is the address of the routine performing the data address lookup.

The routine is supplied three arguments when called. The first is the data lookup context, the very second field of the record. The second is the address at which the variable record is stored. The third is the address at which the lookup result (the address of the actual data, that is) is to be stored.

The routine is expected to return 0 if it completes execution successfully, non zero otherwise. In the later case the expression evaluation will be terminated.

The context field will to be supplied as the first argument to the get routine, every time the get routine is called. It is otherwise not interpreted.