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typedef struct x1f4_c1lookup_type {
    struct {
        int (*fix) (const void *, int, const char **, unsigned *);
        const void *context;
    } type_l;
} x1f4_c1lookup_type;

The struct x1f4_c1lookup_type specifies extra parsing context information required for error reporting.

See Imperative Program Parsing Error Reporting.

See x1f4_stat_program.

specifies the application defined type names as:
the type name look up method
the type name look up context

Whenever an application defined type name needs to be looked up the type name look up method is called with the type name look up context as its first argument and the type id as its second argument. The name look up method is expected to return 0 for success, non zero for failure. In the former case the string and cardinal records pointed to by the third and fourth method arguments are expected to be set to the type name and its length.

See Application Defined Types.