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6.6.4 Output Library Usage Mechanics

The output library construct is a regular libx1f4i0 library construct.

See Library Construct.

Output libraries instances are to be created by the x1f4_init_lxnear function.

See x1f4_init_lxnear.

The function requires at least the struct x1f4_textpipe_type descriptions of the output devices.

See struct x1f4_textpipe_type.

The function definitions provided by the output library instances are to be retrieved via the x1f4_fset_lxnear function.

See x1f4_fset_lxnear.

Once no longer needed, the list library instances are to be disposed via the x1f4_fini_lxnear function.

See x1f4_fini_lxnear.