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2.17 Late Function Arguments Evaluation

The function arguments not having side effects are not evaluated for the functions including the X1f4_E4_LAZY_LINK is their definition flag field.

See Function Flags.

See struct x1f4_function_type.

The function arguments having side effects are those referring side effects infix binary operators or application indicated as having side effect functions and operators. The former are identified by the X1f4_E4_LEFT_XSET bit in their flags definition field, the later by the X1f4_E4_KEEP_CALL bit in their flags definition field.

See Side Effects Operators.

See struct x1f4_function_type.

See struct x1f4_operator_type.

See Operator And Function Flags.

Two functions are provided for determining which arguments have been evaluated already and for evaluating not yet evaluated arguments during function logic execution: