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7.4 Iterative Formatting

List like objects can be formatted via iterative output formatting directives.

See Format Specification Syntax.

See struct x1f4_ffield_type.

For each of the formatting iterative the application formatting context set_index method is called with the iteration selection as its second argument.

See struct x1f4_f6link_type.

The data formatter assumes the subformat specifier formatting directives to be iterative output ones if a range has been specified or if the X1f4_FORMAT_ITERATE bit in the flags field has been specified and conditional output ones otherwise.

See Directive Flags.

The count_field method of the iterative output formatting directives is called two times, once before iteration start, with the X1f4_FORMAT_INDEXED bit set in its flags argument, and once after the iteration end, with the X1f4_FORMAT_UNINDEXED bit set in its flags argument.

See Formatting Flags.